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Crustacea Stall

Bibendum’s Crustacea Stall is a visual treat for anyone passing by the Michelin Building, and a good enough reason to stop to make an impulse purchase.

Located under the covered forecourt, adjacent to the buzz of the Café, shellfish are the main event, but caviar and smoked fish are also stocked. The Saturday lobster sale is ideal for relaxed hosts, or those who find themselves welcoming unexpected guests. Locals can pop out on a Saturday morning and pick up a cooked lobster (halved if you like) with perfect homemade mayonnaise to accompany it.

Usually available are lobster, crab, shrimp, whelks, winkles, clams, smoked fish, and hand-picked white crab meat. Scallops can be ordered a day in advance.

In addition to the wide range of gloriously fresh shellfish the Crustacea Stall sourced daily, Joe and Simon will order anything you want given a day’s notice. They are delighted to advise on storing, preparing and cooking, and to demonstrate how the experts open an oyster with plenty of panache, and how to avoid injury.

RestaurantWhile a visit to the Crustacea Stall is a great excuse to stop for a coffee, for those on a deadline, local deliveries can be arranged.
Parties and special orders can also be catered for.

For orders, home delivery, or to discuss
your requirements, call Simon or Joe on: 020 7590 1186.

Opening times:

9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Lobster sale:

9am until they all go! Saturday mornings.

For orders, home delivery, or to discuss your requirements,
call Simon or Joe on: 020 7590 1186

Butter dish

Butter Dishes

The classic Bibendum butter dish (which can also be used as an ashtray) is an iconic reminder of a trip to the Michelin Building, and can be purchased from the Restaurant, Café or Oyster Bar.


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