The ultimate in healthy eating, and with their long-held reputation as an aphrodisiac, oysters are the perfect takeaway food. Here are some tips for successful sourcing, preparing and serving.


  • First, source your oysters. It’s fun to visit Bibendum’s Crustacea Stall, located at the entrance to the Oyster Bar on the ground floor of the Michelin Building. Staff will help you select your oysters, and give you guidance on storing, opening and serving.
  • You can keep oysters for two or three days before eating, but the fresher the better. Keep them in the fridge, between 5C and 8C. Don’t keep them in water, or in an airtight container – covered with a damp cloth is good.
  • Immediately before preparing, tap any open oysters sharply – if they don’t immediately close, discard.


  • Use a cloth to protect your ‘holding’ hand, grip the oyster with the flat shell on top, the pointed end towards you, and your knife in your writing hand.
  • Insert the knife carefully into the hinge by about 1cm, then twist to break the hinge and open the oyster slightly.
  • Remove the top shell by sliding the knife between the shell and the oyster, cutting the muscle that holds the shells together.
  • Separate the oyster from the bottom shell by cutting around the bottom of the oyster. Flip the oyster over.


  • Serve the oysters naked in their shells, reclining on plenty of crushed ice, chaperoned by lemon or lime wedges, a  quick squeeze of which will help the taste buds appreciate the subtle flavour of the oysters.
  • Or, for those who prefer their oysters dressed up, serve with beurre blanc and chives.

For orders, home delivery, or to discuss your requirements,
call Simon or Joe on: 020 7590 1186

Lobster for lunch

Come along to our famous Saturday lobster sale and pick up a cooked lobster (halved if you like) with a perfect accompaniment of homemade mayonnaise.

Not only when there’s an ‘r’ in the month

You can eat oysters all year round – Native oysters disappear from the menu from May to August because as the waters warm up they begin to spawn; but Rock Oysters are available, and are delicious, throughout the summer.


Tray of crabs

Shellfish to go

A visit to the Crustacea Stall is a great excuse to stop for a coffee and pick up some flowers, but for those on a deadline, local deliveries can be arranged.
Crustacea stall


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