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Jo Odquier is an expert on buying, storing and preparing shellfish of every kind – and he’s always happy to help and advise.

JO ODQUIER – Crustacea Stall

Jo OdquierJo joined Bibendum in February 1997 having recently arrived from the Philippines. As a junior sales assistant on our crustacea stand and fish counter he very quickly learned the skills of the trade. He soon proved himself to be a valuable asset to our retail operation dealing with customers at the highest level. In addition to his sales role he now oversees the running of the Café in Simon’s absence.

I really enjoy the customer interaction and I am proud to be part of the team that keeps Bibendum a great Restaurant. I like to think the new staff appreciates my knowledge of Crustacea and that the regular customers trust my advice.Close quote

For orders, home delivery, or to discuss your requirements,
call Simon or Joe on: 020 7590 1186

Butter dish

Butter Dishes

The classic Bibendum butter dish (which can also be used as an ashtray) is an iconic reminder of a trip to the Michelin Building, and can be purchased from the Restaurant, Café or Oyster Bar.

BIBENDUM RESTAURANT LIMITED - Michelin House - 81 Fulham Road - London SW3 6RD - Restaurant: 020 7581 5817 - Oyster Bar: 020 7590 1186